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Rejuvenated collagen shots: Collagen Booster for radiant skin

Rejuvenated collagen shots: Collagen Booster for radiant skin
Rejuvenated collagen shots: Collagen Booster for radiant skin
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Rejuvenated collagen shots are very popular collagen beauty drinks. Especially relevant, they can dramatically improve the tone, texture and elasticity of your skin. Hence, these supplements help your skin look radiant, healthy and youthful.


11 Q & A about Rejuvenated Collagen Shots + Our Tips

rejuvenated collagen shots drink

1 – Is it a safe supplement?

First of all, rejuvenated collagen shots are a natural supplement.

In fact, they contain hydrolized marine collagen selectively derived from fish.

Plus they contain a range of vitamins and minerals that have an anti-aging impact on your skin.


First of all, 10,000 mgs hydrolyzed marine collagen (fresh water white fish).

In addition:

  • hyaluronic acid,
  • acai berry super antioxidant,
  • B3 vitamin,
  • B5 vitamin,
  • zinc,
  • copper.

And most noteworthy, vitamin C, which improves skin elasticity and is critical in collagen synthesis.

Side Effects:

If you are allergic to fish, you should avoid these supplements.


2 – Why should I drink rejuvenated collagen shots?

rejuvenated collagen shotsSimply put rejuvenated collagen shots supplement collagen naturally firm your skin. If compared to those of other supplements and skin creams, the effect is more powerful.

In fact, studies found that orally ingested collagen has the benefit to increase collagen synthesis and improve hydratation levels in the skin.

Seems like you should regularly take this supplement to feel and look rejuvenated.


3 – Are rejuvenated collagen shots more effective than creams or tablets?

Rejuvenated collagen shots are better than tablets, due to their amount of hydrolized collagen, which is higher. What if compared to skin creams? When applied on skin, the collagen needs to cross the skin body barrier to reach the deep layers of the skin. Whereas rejuvenated collagen shots deliver collagen into our bloodstream. Therefore skin can directly absorb it. And the amount of hydrolized collagen in this supplement is actually very high.


4 – What is collagen and why do we need it?

woman drinking collagen shotAs you may know, collagen is a protein naturally produced by our body. Not only it’s in our skin, but even in nails and hair. Plus, it’s in connective tissues, including ligaments, bones and muscles.

Normally our body produces collagen. But as we age, collagen production tends to reduce more and more overtime. Actually rejuvenated collagen shots promote the natural production of collagen, helping provide additional collagen. And as a result, skin looks stronger and firmer.


5 – Can’t we get collagen from diet?

Even if a balanced diet can help a lot, your body might need more collagen.

And it would be hard to get such an intake with diet. In fact, rejuvenated collagen shots contain a high amount of hydrolyzed collagen. Due to its low molecular weight, our body can absorb it easily.

Because collagen beauty drinks quickly deliver collagen to skin, they make it look younger.


6 – What age group is suitable for rejuvenated collagen shots?

rejuvenated collegan shotsThe ability to produce collagen gradually starts decreasing as early as at the age of 25.

And by the age of 45, you’ll have lost 30% of collagen in your skin.

Then you’ll lose more, year after year.

Thanks to these beauty drinks, we can help our body to supplement and replace collagen.


7 – Benefits of rejuvenated collagen shots for skin?

  1. First of all, less lines and wrinkles
  2. secondly, more firmness
  3. futhermore, improved elasticity
  4. and less dryness
  5. finally, increased smoothness

As an overall effect, the skin looks younger, firmer, glowing and has a fuller appearance. Most of all, you can expect fine lines to reduce.


8 – Other benefits of rejuvenated collagen shots?

  1. First, connective tissues are strenghtened throughout your body.
  2. Secondly bone density is improved.
  3. Also collagen strenghtens teeth and fortifies nails.
  4. Last but not least, it stimulates hair growth.


9 – What is the correct way to take Rejuvenated collagen shots? And what about the dosage?

rejuvenated collagen shots woman in the kitchenRejuvenated collagen shots come in a pouch, with a powder formula. And the procedure for taking these beauty drinks is as easy as adding the powder to a glass of water.

The recommended daily dose of Rejuvenated collagen shots is 10g, which can guarantee the best results. We strongly suggest not to exceed the standard daily dose, or you might experiment gastrointestinal problems.

Dissolve the Rejuvenated collagen shots powder in a glass (between 200ml and 250ml) of water, or another preferred drink.

Actually these supplements are 100% natural and don’t contain any emulsifier to ease the dissolving process. Therefore it might take time for the powder to completely dissolve in the water.

So our advice is to whisk it with a fork for one minute, let it settle and then whisk it again for a final second minute. Probably this will allow you to dissolve the Rejuvenated collagen shots completely without any sediment.

Also consider to use an electric mixer or blender to help with the whisking procedure.


10 – What is the best time to take Rejuvenated collagen shots?

Seems like half an hour before going to bed is the best time to take Rejuvenated collagen shots; in fact that is the moment of the day during when our body repairs or renews cells.

Another option is to drink the supplement in the morning, right after waking up and before having breakfast.

Nevertheless, should you be unable to take rejuvenated collagen shots either in the morning or at night, drink the supplement on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before any meal).


11 – “I can’t see any benefits”

Regardless of the chosen option, you may start to see results as soon as the first week. Since collagen hydrates, skin generally starts looking softer and glowing. Actually these are the first indicators of the effectiveness of Rejuvenated collagen shots. While a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and an improved elasticity of the skin are the long term benefits.

Thus said, it is possible for some people not to show any visible results even after a few weeks of Rejuvenated collagen shots therapy. If this is the case, there’s no need to panic or quit the treatment; the indications recommend a treatment of at least twelve weeks, regardless of the results shown to that point. By then, all its benefits have usually had the necessary time to be on full display for yourself and everyone else to see.


OUR TIPS ~ So what do we suggest for skin?

As beauty collagen drinks are so popular, we tested other collagen boosters. In particular, we found that YouTonics Skin is a dramatically effective solution to boost collagen production in your skin. Not only it hydrates skin and reduces wrinkles – it also fortifies hair, nail, gum and improves eye health!

youtonics collagen shots

YouTonics Skin contains 10g of collagen protein per 30ml serving (each bottle contains 270 ml, which is 9 servings). Therefore, it significantly increases your skin’s repair rate. And yor skin starts glowing and looking healthier.

YouTonics Skin VS other beauty drinks

Unlike for other oral collagen supplements, you don’t need to take large quantities to ensure its absorption. Thanks to its fast acting liquid delivery system, YouTonics Skin ensures maximum collagen absorption and fast delivery to your skin cells.

In addition to hydrolized collagen protein, it contains Vitamins A, C, and E, for a boosted skin’s repair rate. As they work well in synergy, mixing these vitamins and antioxidants together is definitely a powerful anti-ageing combination!

Also, YouTonics Skin is abundant in Glycine, Proline and Arginine – aminoacids that ensure a healthy collagen level at all times. Finally, you will love its refreshing mango and passion fruit flavor!

Due to its liquid delivery system, YouTonics Skin quickly delivers its active ingredients to your skin cells, letting you see the results faster.

youtonics collagen shots

Collagen Supplement for Radiant Skin

In addition to maintaining collagen production, YouTonics Skin lowers hyaluronidase – the enzyme that breaks down cells with aging.

Especially for those suffering from premature ageing, supporting collagen is not only a matter of aesthetics. Either UV radiations and toxins from smoke can seriously damage and oxydate your skin. With its combination of antioxidants, vitamins and hydrolyzed collagen, YouTonics Skin revitalizes skin, maintaining it healthy.

Simply put, collagen shots are a popular and effective solution to improve your skin’s health and look. By taking Rejuvenated collagen shots or YouTonics Skin you can reduce skin ageing. With YouTonics Skin you have FREE SHIPPING and a 60 days Money Back Guarantee, so it’s totally risk free!

Collagen Creams

Another powerful solution to delay the signs of ageing? Definitely Collagen Creams, like XYZ Smart Collagen. Thanks to TGF-β, it stimulates cells to produce more high quality collagen. In fact, TGF-β is responsible for cells regeneration, but it tends to decrease with ageing.

By using this collagen cream for 12 weeks, you will improve your skin firmness and texture. Furthermore, wrinkles will reduce. Also stretch marks appearance will improve.

XYZ Smart Collagen

Collagen Cream

More often than not, combining a topical treatment with collagen drinks enhances the overall anti-ageing effect.

Final word

In conclusion, collagen boosters are effective anti-ageing products, stimulating collagen production. Not only you can help your skin looking younger with a facial collagen creams. But you can do much with a healthy lifestyle and dietary plan. Most of all, you can boost collagen in your skin from the inside, with collagen beauty drinks.

YouTonics Collagen Drink XYZ Smart Collagen Cream