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Entertaining, Swift, And Effortless Tips To Follow To Get Match

Entertaining, Swift, And Effortless Tips To Follow To Get Match
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Image from page 80 of “Breeder and sportsman” (1882)
Title: Breeder and sportsman
Identifier: breedersportsma581911sanf
Year: 1882 (1880s)
Subjects: Horses
Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : [s. n. ]
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: California State Library Califa/LSTA Grant

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Text Appearing Just before Image:
Saturday, February four, 1911.] THE BREEDER AND SPORTSMAN ‘ BLACK Team OF PACERS FOB ⢠ai.ij.âNo. 1. Black gelding, 6 years ‘ild, stands about 15.2 weight 1000 lbs. [All-natural born pacer, with 90 days’ :raining, the only education he ever had. [fie paced a full mile over a half mile track in two:08^ wears absolutely nothing but ight footwear no boots or straps good ‘tvind, greatest of legs and feet a certain 2:05 (pacer this year. Sired by Klatawah 13:04 V- dam by Direct 2nd dam the liam of Directly two:03 Yi, The Iceman two:ten, and so forth. No. two. Black mare, 7 years old (Stands 15.2 weight 1000 lbs. Natural born pacer has been a mile in two:16 [with extremely little education isired by |3aft’topsail, a son of Diablo 2:09*4. | They are the swellest and ideal mated [pair of black pacers that have ever been noticed on this Coast. Can beat a 2:20 gait to the pole. &quotWill sell one particular or each at a affordable price. For complete particulars apply to H. HAXSEX, 1420 Deering Ave., Oakland, Cal. FIRE. AUTOMOBILE. MARINE Organized in 1863. FIREMAN’S FUND Insurance coverage CO. Residence Office: COMPANY’S Constructing 401 California St., San Francisco, Cal. Capital, $1,500,000 Assets, $8,070,629 WILLIAM J. DUTTON. President. BERNARD FAYMONVILLE. J. B. LEVISON. Vice-President. LOUIS WEINMANN. Secretary. A. W. FOLLANSBEE. Marine Secretary. 2nd Vice-Pres. H. P. BLANCHAKD. Assistant Secretary. T. M. GARDINER. Treasurer. FEEDING MILK TO POULTRY. Putting a pan of milk in the sun and permitting the tiny chicks to assist them- selves is not the best approach to feed milk. For chicks the milk need to be used for moistening the grain. Older fowls could be permitted skim milk, but- termilk, curds or even whey, but the provide ought to be fresh each and every morning. A single of the factors why milk causes bowel troubles is that it is often placed in open pans to stay till all is employed, and during that time it be- comes filthy and carries disease with it. Milk must not be provided to a flock in which there is a single sick chicken, unless the sick 1 is re- moved, as the milk will more readily spread the disease of that chicken than water. If care is used in feed- ing, milk is 1 of the best and cheap- est of foods, but it is not a substi- tute for either water or meat. The milking machine has gone the way of some other fads which in no way ripened into popularity. The price of operation, the difficulty of maintaining it free of charge from germs and the questionable thoroughness with which it did its perform has led to the retirement of the machine wherever it was installed. The milking machine initially was the invention of two Scotchmen. In this nation some improvements had been added and it appeared that one of the drudgeries of the farm was to be more than- come. Thousands of farmers saw the machine in operation and conjured up visions of reclining in luxurious ease whilst the patent milker pailed the cows but it never occurred. 4 vehicles of lambs at $six.35 and $6.40, the leading of the industry, was no modest achievement for a new beginner, hut that is the record of F. McRoberts, the up-to-date Saline county, Mo., farmer. The result of his initial experiment in the sheep feeding business was most gratifying, these lambs obtaining made a net acquire of 24 lbs. per head, and the price tag received a satisfactory 1.

Text Appearing After Image:
The Standard Trotting Stallion LeVoyap 3,2:25: Reg. No. 52302 Bay Stallion, 4 years old. One particular of the handsomest and best bred sons of BON VOYAGE two:124. or EXPEDITION two:1594 . . Sire o£ 3 in two:ten and YO other people in normal time. BON MOT Dam of four in 2:30 list. BON VOYAGE two:12%. . . Sire of 12 in regular time, like Jean Valjean (three) 2:ten, Bon Vivant (three) two:ten%, Bon Guy (3) 2:11%. Win- ners of Calif or nia Breeders’ Stake, Pa- cific Breeders’ Futur- ity, Stanford Stakes, Oregon Futurity, etc. MISSIE MEDIUM Dam of Bon Volante (2) i BELLE MEDIUM 2:20. . two:25%, Le Voyage (3) Dam of Stam B. 2:11%, two:25%, Happy Madi- sire of 15 in the list, son (mat.) two:12, do. also Ajalon, a produc- er.) two:08. ing sire. dam Mary Adamsâby Mamb. Patchen 58. dam Mamb. Belleâby Mamb. Chief. RAMPART 2930 Sire of 14 normal per- formers and 3 dams of 3. ELECTIONEER 125 Sire of 163. LADY RUSSELL Dam of 5 in list. ERIN 43732 Sire of 3. FARCE 2:29% ALMONT 33 , Sire of 37 in list. KATE THOMPSON Dam of Abbedean two:29% Pleased MEDIUM Sire of Nancy Hanks two:04. ARGENTA By Almont Lighting, sire of the dam of Zombro 2:11. 4th 5th LE VOYAGE is a really rapidly organic trotter and but for an attack of distemper last year would have been offered a extremely low record. His breeding is quite selection. His sire, Bon Voyage, is the greatest young sire on the Coast, was a wonderful stake winner and is siring stake winners. The dam of Le Voyage is a young mare with a great future as a brood mare. All of her produce trot quickly. She has a two- year-old and a three-year-old in the list and is the dam of Content Madison, a matinee horse owned in Cleveland, that won a matinee race in two:12 and trotted a trial in 2:08. His second dam is the dam of that fantastic trotter Stam B. (four) two:11%, sire of 15 in the list, and also of the generating sire Ajalon, sire of three in the list. His third dam, Argenta, is by Almont Lighting, sire of the dam of Zombro two:11, the greatest generating son of McKinney 2:11 14, and sire of 11 in 2:10, Le Voyage carries the blood of the fantastic sires Electioneer, Harold, Belmont, Princeps, Abdallah 15, Pleased Medium and Almont, the blood that has produced the world’s champion trotters. &quotWill make the season of 1911 at San Jose Driving Park. Terms for the Seasonâ$50 to insure a foal. All mares bred to Le Voyage will be entered in the Pacific Breeders’ Futurity Stakes, the California State Fair Futurity Stakes and -the Oregon Breeders’ Futurity Stakes, Very good pasturage for mares at reasonable prices. For additional particulars address JOS. CUICELLO, Malinger, San Jo He Driving Park, San Jo«e, Cal. GombauWs Caustic Balsam The Worlds Greatest and Surest W$ Veterinary Remedy *m HAS IMITATORS BUT NO COMPETITORS! Secure, SPEEDY AND Good. Supersedes All Caatery or Fir- ing. Invaluable as a. Remedy for FOUNDER, WIND PUFFS, THRUSH, DIPHTHERIA, SIUN Illnesses, RINGBONE, PINK EYE, SWEENY, V BONY TUMORS, LAMENESS FROM SPAVIN, QUARTER CRACKS, SCRATCHES, POLL EVIL, PARASITES. REMOVES BUNCHES or BLEMISHES, SPLINTS. CAPPED HOCK, STRAINED TENDONS. Safe FOR Anybody TO USE. We guarantee that one particular tablespoon iul of Canstlo Balaam will prodace moreectual final results than a -entire boitle of any liniment or spavin mixture ever produced Every single bottle Bold Is warranted to give satisfaction Write for testimonials displaying -what the most promi nent horsemen say of It. Price tag, SI.CO per bottle. The Accented Standard VETERiNANY REMEDY Always Trustworthy* Certain in Results. *P ‘ ^jS^f*â¢*^ witTwtzt the sfoomwrbf* ^Hj.S.ft CANADAS7 /CLEVELAND, Nothing at all BUT Great KES0LTS, â ^Ha^eused GOMBAULT’S CAUSTIC BALSAM for more I â than. 20 years. It is tho bast blister I have ever tried.Ihave â jaed it in hundreds of situations with best final results. It is rer- |fectly Bttfo for the most inexperienced person to use This is the largest breeding establishment of trotting horses in also globe and Qio your blister frequently.-W. H. KAYJ1USD, â Frop. Belmont l’ark Stock Type, Belmont Pork, Mont Employed 10 TEARS SFCCTCSSFUIXY. Ihavonsed GOMBAULT’S CAUSTIC BALSAM for ten I I years have been really profitable in curing curb,ringbone, f capped hock and knee, bad ankles, rheumatism, and al-I most every trigger of lameness in horses- Have, a stable of I forty head, largely track and speedway horses, and cer-I tainly can recommend it.âf. C. CRAMER, Coaching I Btabies. 090 Jennings Street, Hew York City. Sole Agents for the United States and Canada* The Lawrence-Williams Co. TORONTO, ONT. CLEVELAND, OHIO. Montbaine REG. NO. 48667 SON OF MOKO Sire of Futurity Winners and sire of the dam of The Harvester 2:01 World’s Champion Trotting Stallion.

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tagsFun, Fast, And Effortless Ideas To Adhere to To Get Match

Regardless of whether it is acquiring rid of adore handles or placing on muscle, fitness depends mostly on two things: nutrition and working out/working out. This post contains guidelines that will assist you tackle these two focal points of fitness. Listening to them will help you on the road to possessing your dream physique.

Attempt to use free of charge weights rather than exercise machines. While workout machines are great a way to stay fit, your body can actually benefit far more from free weights. Free weights work stabilizer muscle tissues that most machines do not. Not to mention, totally free weights are also significantly significantly less costly and bulky. It is a much better selection all about to add free weights to your home gym.

When starting a new fitness routine, it is essential to ease oneself into it. This will give your physique time to turn out to be accustomed to it, and will lessen the opportunity of injuring yourself. Also, you are much more most likely to stick to the routine if you start off with something that is effortlessly achievable. When you get utilized to the physical exercise, you can boost the intensity and length of time.

To get fit, and stay fit, you should contemplate the effects of your life-style as a complete. Even though a little portion of your time set aside for physical exercise will aid you get fit, there are considerably greater positive aspects to be had with a holistic strategy. Reduce any unhealthy activities and seek out healthy alternatives that contribute to your overall fitness.

Are you seeking to speed up your run? To enhance the speed of your operating time, make your actual running strides faster rather of generating your strides larger. This will shave time off of your run. Push off with the toes of your trailing leg to get you going.

As soon as you commit to your fitness program, do not let an injury hold you out of the game. If you get the okay from your medical doctor, there are usually methods to work about an injury and get in some sort of a exercise. Working muscle tissues that are not injured will burn calories and aid keep you match even though you heal.

Get some sunshine and fresh air! It is simple to succumb to boredom and become totally inactive when we are often confined to the inside. Make an attempt to get outdoors for at least a couple of minutes each day. It will enhance your mood and significantly enhance your likelihood of working out.

If you are traveling in a vehicle, use rest stops as an opportunity to get a tiny exercising. They can be the best location to get rejuvenated for the next leg of your trip take a short jog or go on a quick walk. These activities will assist you feel much less stiff and more alert so that you can continue your drive.

Weight Acquire

If you happen to be attempting to bulk up, commence out by going till you can’t go any longer and then having two cups of chocolate milk. Sounds basic, but a group of those just beginning have been studied and it was located that instruction “to failure” triggered a weight gain of five pounds in two months, but only if followed by a supplement.

Decide what you are attempting to accomplish with your workouts and create it down. Perhaps you are attempting to drop weight, acquire strength, or just keep young longer. Writing down what you are performing and why will support you stay motivated and assist you pinpoint things that you need to have to concentrate on.

As you can see, nutrition and exercise are the two cornerstones of very good fitness. The suggestions that were provided will assist you combine the two and get the kind of final results that you want. It really is challenging function, but by taking the tips here and focusing on the body that you want, you will be able to achieve your ambitions.