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The Dukan Diet: back to the origins

The Dukan Diet: back to the origins
The Dukan Diet: back to the origins
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Let’s be serious: if we want to lose weight, the first thing we have to keep in mind is stop viewing food as an object of desire. And here comes in the French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, the inventor of Dukan Diet.

He states that – to dispose of the extra pounds – it is essentially necessary to return to a natural diet. It should be based on proteins and vegetables. Then you should forget about chocolate, pasta and bread, biscuits, beers, various and any…

Simply put, Dukan Diet is a high-protein diet. But there’s more.

Dukan diet: low-fat protein only

So Dukan Diet is about going back to the origin of the species, when man was devoted to hunting and fishing. Originally, overweight was not a problem. And social diseases such as obesity didn’t even exist. Of course! In fact the human being was eating just vegetables, meats and fish.

What caused the changes in our eating habits? According to Dukan, the desire for a more tasty menu, with sugars, fats and carbohydrates changed what we eat; basically we turned to a diet which is more emotionally rewarding.

In this perspective, eating becomes a psychological pleasure, a way to release frustration and loneliness; but results are those you can see in the mirror.

Instead, you can lose weight (and maintain it) with nutritious and protein based foods, such as meat, fish, eggs and low-fat dairy. The point is that, according to Dukan, they would be able to unlock the slowed metabolism of modern man.

Dukan diet: benefits

The Dukan diet definitely has its advantages. Not only this diet is effective, but it is also easy to follow. Yes, you don’t need to know anything but basic plates.

It has a few rules to follow, it’s unexpensive and you can find the ingredients in any supermarket. Finally, it is effective.

Basically, Dukan Diet is a high protein diet; proteins help cells to consume more energy thus having a caloric expenditure and a fast weight loss.

This is also encouraging thereby helping to continue the diet.

In addition the protein diet affects white adipose tissue without affecting lean body mass or muscle tissue. It neither affects good fat, always helpful for thermoregulation of the body.

The diet is very practical:

  • you do not need to weigh foods; so you don’t need to cook meals at home
  • in addition, different foods are allowed in an unlimited amount
  • proteins have a satiating power (just in the short term, however)

1 – Attack phase

The first attack phase lasts 1 to 10 days. In five days, you will lose weight for about 5-6 pounds, thanks to a “surprise effect” on the metabolism of our body. It can take as short as 24 hours to see the first results.

Allowed foods

The scheme is based on protein food, as meat, fish, shellfish, eggs and low-fat dairy. 72 foods are allowed in total, plus 3 tablespoons of oat bran a day. Also some dressing is allowed: yogurt, herbs, mustard, vinegar and low-fat cheese. Step 1: you will lose weight.

2 – Cruise phase

The second phase allows the achievement of the ideal body weight. It is called the cruise phase. The foods allowed are more than a hundred:

  • the 72 protein foods
  • plus 6 others tolerated in the first phase
  • and additionally 28 types of vegetables.

The pattern is:

  • one or more days based on proteins and vegetables
  • a period of pure proteins.

You can alternate 5 days of protein and vegetables to 5 days of protein. Or you might prefer the alternate every day.

Finally you can choose a cruise menu to follow 5 days out of 7; then enter the “attack menu” 2 times a week. Step 2: you will lose weight.

3 – Consolidation

Finally, it’s time for the consolidation phase; it lasts a number of days equal to the weight lost multiplied by 10. For example, for those who lost 10 pounds, this phase lasts 100 days; the purpose of this phase is to avoid weight gain.

In addition, at the proteins and vegetables stage, you can have:

  • a portion of fruit (obviously except banana, figs, grapes and cherry)
  • and two slices of whole wheat bread,
  • two servings at choice between 80 g.di Uncooked pasta, couscous 200 g, 150 g. cooked legumes, 125 g. of cooked rice.

Dukan Diet also allowes 2 meals at your own choice, as long as you space them out with 2 diet days. Mr. Dukan guaranteed that by following his scheme you will experiment a loss of weight and a safe maintenance.

We just have to try!

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